Why Raw Milk?

  • Grass-fed cow’s raw milk is a good source of important disease fighters like vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and good bacteria to strengthen the immune system

  • When milk is pasteurized, the heat destroys all of the immune-fighting properties

  • Grass-fed raw milk also contains the most important health-building ingredient of all: enzymes

  • Enzymes are inflammation fighters and immune builders. But enzymes are destroyed within minutes by heat during pasteurization

Consumer Benefits

  • It’s natural: The milk goes though less processing – it’s not heat pasteurized, bacterfuged or homogenized, artificial processes which alter the nature of the milk

  • It’s safe: The natural goodness of raw milk can be accessed by consumers, totally safely

  • It’s planet-friendly: It uses far less energy to process and has a smaller carbon footprint than ordinary milk

  • It’s healthier:
    • Increased Vit D, naturally: The trace of fat-soluble vitamin D found naturally in milk is enhanced significantly benefitting especially Black South Africans who need more of this vitamin in their diet

    • Calcium: The amount of soluble calcium available is greater than that found in pasteurized milk

Customer Benefits

  • It’s greener: Up to 95% of the energy associated with the heat pasteurization of milk can be saved

  • It lasts longer: The shelf life of processed milk can be doubled, so less returns and consumer savings

  • It’s supply-chain friendly: Because the milk lasts longer bigger orders can be delivered less frequently and handled through DC’s

  • It’s cheaper: Saving in milk production and distribution costs can be passed on to you and the consumer
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